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Our Story

As founders of Hillflint, we graduated from different colleges, each with their own unique campus culture, but we share a lasting feeling about our schools.

In the Fall of 2008, we each arrived to campus for our Freshman years. As our eyes scanned campus, all of a sudden, we were intoxicated with a sense that we were a part of something. This feeling of belonging to something, for us, embodied the feeling of "college pride" that we'd heard of, but never felt so viscerally.

On busy days at work or as "life" pulls on our attention, college pride ebbs from front of mind. But other times it comes rushing back. When a classmate accomplishes something remarkable. When we return to campus for reunions. When our team wins. Even just when we brush shoulders with a fellow graduate in the city. 

We craft our products to a level of quality that's commensurate with our pride. 

For many, the college experience is one of the most special of their lives. It's filled with beautiful moments.  3 am mischief. An epiphany in the classroom. The tournament-clinching shot. And for years after, it's a home to return to. 

We wanted to make high-quality college apparel that lived up to our pride and evoked that same emotion we felt when we arrived to campus as wide-eyed Freshmen (...after a summer of earnestly friending classmates on Facebook). 

Today we are proud to be partnered with 150 universities, with tens of thousands of customers all across the world, stocked at over 100 retailers across the United States.

Have a look around our site and let us know if you have any questions. 

All the best,

John & Woody